Coastguard tows several vessels to safety

WILLEMSTAD/KRALENDIJK- Last Monday, both the Citro and the Coast Guard had to turn out to assist boats sailing from Bonaire to Curaçao.

The boats all had engine trouble and were unable to continue sailing. The rescue boats of Citro, the Sea Rescue and the Dick Braakman have towed two boats safely to Curaçao. The Coast Guard patrol boat also towed a vessel that sailed from Bonaire towards Curaçao, and stranded near Klein Curaçao, safely to Curaçao.


Partly in response to the events, the Coast Guard advises boat owners to maintain their boat regularly. “Make sure you have enough safety and rescue equipment on board such as: life jackets, flashlight, first aid kit, enough water, fire extinguisher, VHF radio or charged mobile phone. Prevent breakdowns and a dangerous situation at sea with your boat. In case you need help, you can call the Coast Guard on 913,” says the Coast Guard in a press release.

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