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Coco Beach: either integrate or cease to exist.

Popular Beach bar Coco Beach must either integrate in one of two new resorts or cease to exist

Kralendijk- Popular Beach bar Coco Beach will have to either integrate in one of the new resorts to be build by Eden Beach and the Chogogo group or cease to exist altogether. This can be understood from answers of Bonaire Overheidsgebouwen (BOG)-representative Anthony Nicolaas to questions from the Press during a press conference last Friday.

The real-estate company of the Bonairean government granted only temporary permission for the beach bar to operate on the prime beachfront property. Nicolaas indicated that an option for Coco Beach would be to integrate into one of the new resorts, if it wants to continue to exist. It is however unknown as of yet if there is interest from the side of Eden Beach or Chogogo Resort to have Coco Beach continue its operation. Coco Beach is very popular with cruise tourists who head in large droves to the temporary structure on the terrain of the former Sunset Beach hotel.

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