Commisioner Den Heyer speaks to private sector about PCN-woes

Commissioner Den Heyer met with private sector resprentatives to discuss concerns about imminent cuts to PCN pensions

Kralendijk- On Wednesday, April 5 commissioner Nina den Heyer called a meeting with trade unions and employers’ representatives with the aim of keeping all parties informed about the unrest related to imminent cuts in pension benefits by Government Pension Fund PCN. At the meeting were representatives of union umbrella-organization USIBO, the union for government workers ABVO, the Bonaire Business Association, the Chamber of Commerce, the Bonhata, Bonaire Hospitality Group (BHG), and representatives of the public entity Bonaire.

During the meeting, Den Heyer explained the problems facing pensioners with the reduction of 3.5% of their pension as of 1 April, 2017. Den Heyer showed what the current situation is and what actions the Bonaire island government has taken so far. “The Executive Council has sent a letter to the Ministries of Social Affairs and Interior in the Netherlands with a plea to postpone the effective date of the cuts by six months. The Island Government of Bonaire, together with governments of Saba and St Eustatius will consult an independent actuary and other experts in this field, as to the best possible way to approach the situation”, said Den Heyer.

After the meeting the representatives of employers have jointly decided to also send a letter to Minister Plasterk of Interior Affairs and Kingdom relations, to support the request made by the island government and the unions to allow for more time to resolve the matter of the imminent reduction in pension payments by PCN.

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