Commissioner Craane Takes a Look Behind the Scenes at Cruise Ship Logistics

The commissioner stopped to speak to various persons who work in the cruise industry. Photo: ABC online Media

KRALENDIJK – Commissioner Jolinda Craane, responsible for Economy and Tourism among other things, took a behind-the-scenes look on Wednesday to gain a better understanding of the logistical process involved in the visit of a cruise ship to the island. 

One of the logistical coordinators, responsible for coordinating the transportation of cruise passengers ashore, guided the commissioner to various locations to witness firsthand how things operate.

Among other things, Craane observed the setup of the transportation system, how to purchase a ticket for a tour around the island by bus or taxi, and the offerings available to cruise tourists. 


After the tour, Craane expressed satisfaction with the information and the tour. “I now have a good understanding of how the system works when a cruise ship is in the harbor,” said Craane.

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