Commissioner Thielman about cruise sector worries: ‘ExCo’s cruise policy sufficiently communicated’

KRALENDIJK – Commissioner Hennyson Thielman in conversation with ABC Online Media on Friday stated that he had taken note of a letter from the Bonaire Cruise Tourism Association (BCTA). BCTA expressed worries about certain statements made by Thielman in the media and in press conferences. 

According to Thielman, there is nothing new to his statements.“The policy and vision of the Executive Council on cruise tourism is sufficiently known and communicated. As of last year, both the actors on Bonaire and the international cruise sector know what the aim of this Government is, namely more distribution of cruise ships over the days and preferably not more than one cruise ship in the port per day”. Thielman says that this new policy was executed with sufficient flexibility this year, but that the flexibility will also stop at some point.

According to Thielman, the reduction in the number of cruise ships that dock on Bonaire per day is also important for freight transport by ship. “In the context of cost control, we strive for cargo ships to call at Bonaire directly; but space is needed in the port for that.”

The Commissioner of Economy and Tourism indicates that an attempt is indeed being made to achieve a certain spread by making agreements with neighbouring islands of Aruba and Curaçao. “But for some days that won’t work because of a lack in capacity in those ports, and we have now informed some shipping companies that we may not be able to avoid cancelling certain visits.


Incidentally, Thielman says he is by no means ignoring the letter from BCTA. “We are preparing an answer and this will shortly be sent out,” according to the Commissioner.

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