Complete VWO Class Aces Final Exam at Liseo Boneriano

Kralendijk- In what can be considered a unique situation, the whole 6th grade of VWO class of Liseo Boneriano has managed to graduate.

100% of the students managed a pass grade in the first sitting of the final examens.

Three other forms of education from the SGB (VMBO, MAVO and HAVO) also did very well in the first period. The percentages will be announced on June 28, after the second period.

For now, there are still students who have to work hard to get a good grade for their resit. With hopefully a reward, a diploma for one of the educational forms of the SGB.

But for VWO students that is no longer necessary. The “Class VWO of 2019” of the Liseo Boneriano can enjoy her freedom and prepare for a continuation of their study at an institution of higher education.

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