St. Eustatius

Conditional Sentence Converted into Prison Sentence for Repeat Offender in Statia

nieuwe cellen JICN

L. has been transferred to the prison in Bonaire. Photo: Rijksdienst Caribisch Nederland

Oranjestad- The Public Prosecutor on St. Eustatius asked the court on October 23, 2018 to impose a previously conditional sentence on suspect L.

Despite intervention from the probation service and the suspect’s family, L. was not able to refrain from drugs and subsequently yet again committed several criminal offences (burglary and abuse) and also became a nuisance on the island.

In order to end L’s behavior the Public Prosecutor requested to enforce the previously imposed verdict. The judge agreed with the Public Prosecutor and quickly made a decision to do so.

In consultation with the Caribbean Netherlands penitentiary (JCIN), L. was immediately transferred to Bonaire. It is anticipated that L. will be admitted within the clinical department of JCIN for rehabilitation.

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