Considerable Growth in Building Permits Bonaire

The growth in number of building permits requested, also contribute to local government's coffers. Photo: Harald Linkels
building permits

The growth in number of building permits requested, also contributes to local government’s coffers. Photo: Harald Linkels

Kralendijk- The number of building permits requested at and granted by local government in Bonaire, shows a healthy growth in 2018, compared to 2017.

In 2017, 242 building permits were requested. This year, a total of 305 permits were requested in the same period. In 2017, 218 building permits were granted in the same period. This year, so far, a total of 294. This represents an increase of 35%.

With the increase in the number of building permits, the total construction value has also increased. The 242 building permits granted in 2017 accounted for a construction value of 49.5 million million dollars, whereas the 305 building permits issued in 2018 together account for no less than 68.1 million.

The increase in the number of building permits indicates that the activities in the construction sector are growing. This is good for the economic development of Bonaire.

The favorable development in the construction sector also means additional income for the Public Entity Bonaire. In comparison with 2017, it has collected more in construction fees this year, namely USD 246,362; an increase of 34%.

Local government expects that the growth in requested and granted building permits will continue for the remainder of the year.

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