Corona Scare on Bonaire-bound Tui Flight

Kralendijk- A passenger who tested positive for Covid-19 on Tui flight 366 from Amsterdam to Curaçao and Bonaire caused quite some upheaval among both passengers and authorities Thursday evening.

The passenger in question had undergone the Covid-test prior to boarding, but the (positive) result only came in when the plane was already underway to Curaçao and Bonaire.

In the end, the passenger deplaned in Curaçao. The flight, after a thorough cleaning, continued on to Bonaire, before departing back to Amsterdam. According to still unconfirmed information, the passenger in question is a resident of Curaçao.


According to a press release from the Government of Bonaire, it has been decided that the passengers who sat directly adjacent from the passenger in question, would enter Central Quarantine. Their healthy will be monitored over coming days to ensure they have not been infected.

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