Council lady Coffie wants to know what the situation is with BONLAB

KRALENDIJK Island Council lady Daisy Coffie wants to know from the Executive Council what the state of affairs is when it comes to the BONLAB, which is owned by the Public Entity Bonaire (OLB).

After the (independent) existence of the laboratory was called into question late last year, including the withdrawal of the care contract as of January 1, 2022, the Island Council adopted a motion on November 9 that called on the BC to make three important points.

The first point concerned the withdrawal, in consultation with the Ministry, of the decision not to reimburse BONLAB for laboratory services with effect from 1 January 2022 and to continue the reimbursements by means of a protocol on the reimbursements.

A second action point concerned the establishment of a mixed working group that would look for the best solution to keep the laboratory operational next to the Fundashon Mariadal laboratory. The third action point concerned the report of the joint working group, which took office three months ago. The relevant working group should report to the Island Council.


In her letter, Coffie points out that time does not stand still and that almost 3 months of the year 2022 have already passed. In concrete terms, Coffie now wants to know from the BC whether the aforementioned investigations have already been conducted, who conducted them and whether the Island Council may receive the results of the investigation.

Incidentally, the situation surrounding the problematic provision of medicines in recent months also plays an indirect role in the BONLAB issue. “If you see what is happening with the pharmacies that are all integrated within Mariadal, I very much wonder whether it is wise to merge BONLAB into Fundashon Mariadal,” said a person directly involved with the file on Monday in conversation with ABC Online Media. 

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