Court hears case of Mariadal and Sarpa regarding permits for Air Ambulance Flights

The court room was filled to capacity for the hearing of the case which has gotten a lot of media coverage in past weeks. Photo: ABC Online Media

KRALENDIJK/WILLEMSTAD – The ongoing dispute over Air Ambulance services at Bonaire’s Mariadal Hospital took center stage in a Court hearing on Wednesday morning. 

During the hearing, the Minister of Traffic for Curaçao, Charles Cooper, and the Dutch Caribbean Air Service Provider (DC-ANSP) defended themselves itself against claims of unjustly refusing Sarpa, a Colombian airline, authorization to operate flights between the ABC islands and beyond. 

Lawyer Quincy Carrega on behalf of his client DC-ANSP argued that Mariadal’s stubborn behaviour exacerbated the situation, leading to unauthorized flights by Sarpa. On the other hand, Giselle Hollander, representing the Minister and the Curaçao government, emphasized that Sarpa lacked the necessary permits and knowingly violated existing protocols. 


Judge Martinez, after asking various questions to the two parties, set March 13 as the date for delivering the Court’s verdict.

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