Curaçao hit by third Blackout in matter of days

Willemstad, Curaçao on Saturday evening was hit by a third complete blackout in a number of days.

Utility provider Aqualectra says they haven not established as of yet why the power outage keeps occurring. The company said they are generating sufficient power, but a safety system seems to be knocking out the supply.

Many residents in Curaçao reacted frustrated and angry with Aqualectra. “How often do we have to endure this and how long will it last this time”, asked one resident.


Minister Steven Martina, former CEO at Aqualectra said that an investigation should turn out what is the cause behind the repeated power outages. “This is not positive for our island or for the economy”, said Martina who added that thankfully complete blackouts do not occur very often in Curaçao.

Including Saturday’s power outage, there have been 5 complete blackouts in Curaçao since November 2019.

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