Curaçao is the winner of the Children’s Rights Film Festival Caribbean 2020

Willemstad On November 21st, the finale of the second edition of the UNICEF Children’s Rights Film Festival Caribbean 2020 took place. Bonaire was the host island, however, due to the Corona virus, it was decided that the children from the participating islands would not be physically present on Bonaire. As an alternative there was a live tv-show that was hosted from the Netherlands, which was presented by Lisette Wellens.

The participants from Bonaire, Curaçao, Aruba, Saba, and Sint Maarten were present virtually. Sint Eustatius joined the session later that evening. A festive location was arranged on each island for the event. During the livestream that lasted an hour and a half the films from each island was shown. The films presented included both short scripted Children’s Rights films that were submitted by Saba, Bonaire, Curaçao, Aruba and Sint Eustatius and films submitted by Sint Maarten and Sint Eustatius where the children explained their child rights drawings. As the virtual finale program continued, the suspense among the children watching intensified as they wondered who would be the winner chosen by the jury. At last, Nina den Heyer, a commissioner on Bonaire, made the announcement. The winner of the best Children’s Rights film was the film from the Emmanuel School in Curaçao. The film touches upon the importance of family for children and especially how important it is for children to be in contact with both of their parents. Film coach Ralph Durgaram supported the children with the production of their film.

Besides the award for Best Film, awards were given to the submitted children’s rights films in the following categories:

  • The award for the best acting also went to the Emmanuel School on Curaçao.
  • The award for the best children’s right story went to the Makuarima School on Aruba

Prizes were also given to the films submitted about children’s rights drawings in the following categories:

  • The award for the best children’s rights drawing went to the Canadian International Academy on Sint Maarten
  • The award for the best argumentation for child rights went to the Golden Rock School op Sint Eustatius

After the tv-show each island had their own afterparty which brought the finale of 2020 to an end. Bringing attention to children’s rights remains important. Not every child on the islands know what their rights are. Only when children know their rights will they be able to stand up for them. By organizing the UNICEF Children’s Rights Film Festival attention is being brought to children’s rights in a creative manner.

The winning films can be seen on the UNICEF Children’s Rights Film Festival Facebook page:

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