Daisy Coffie disapproves of discussion in Wilhelminaplein

Daisy Coffie disapproves of discussion in Wilhelminaplein

KRALENDIJK – The fierce discussion between a man and cab drivers recently in Wilhelminaplein, is not an isolated incident. That is the opinion of independent island councillor Daisy Coffie. Yet she disapproves of the way this discussion was conducted.

Statements in the direction that mass or cruise tourism should be eliminated, only alluding to negative aspects for the island, creates resistance and a direct threat to the existence of many locals who depend on this form of tourism for their daily bread, Coffie believes. Also, a term like “high end tourism” is a vague concept that this group of people, she says, does not care about.


“As a representative of this people I disapprove of what has happened, but at the same time I say that it is the duty of our administrators, especially our deputy of tourism, to organize public sessions where it is explained in detail which direction the island government wants to go, with the support of everyone,” Coffie said. According to her, there is now too little communication with and to the community, leaving people in the dark all the time.


For if time is taken to listen to the inhabitants, the Island Councilor will notice that with regard to several issues in the Bonaire community there is great dissatisfaction with the course the current Island Council is steering. According to Coffie there is a lack of a clear vision and the current course is not supported by the people. This results in fierce discussions like the one in Wilhelminapark and in some cases even leads to senseless aggression.

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