Daisy Coffie (M21): “Pride celebration is closely linked to universal human rights”

KRALENDIJK – Daisy Coffie, faction leader of the M21 party, emphasizes that the Pride celebration on the island is directly connected to universal human rights. The Pride celebration, taking place on the island for the first time, aims to raise awareness and celebrate diversity. 

However, in recent days, there have been voices on the island claiming that the Pride celebration is condemnable because homosexuality goes against religious regulations. These opponents also argue that the event promotes a homosexual lifestyle.

Coffie says she believes that everyone has rights and that protecting human rights is essential for a harmonious and inclusive society. “Human rights are fundamental to the dignity and equality of every individual. They are necessary for a fulfilling life,” Coffie states. The faction leader emphasizes that these rights include freedom of expression, association, religion, education, work, and sexual orientation. “Respecting and protecting human rights is crucial for promoting social justice, political stability, and the development and prosperity of society,” Coffie adds.

Upholding Human Rights

Lastly, Coffie points out that nearly 200 countries are members of the United Nations, which is committed to promoting and upholding human rights. She stresses that it is the responsibility of the government to actively work towards protecting these rights, thus creating a society where the rights of every individual are respected and safeguarded.

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