Daisy Coffie (M21): Recent actions have led to better functioning of Island Council Bonaire

KRALENDIJK- Daisy Coffie, leader of the M21 political party, asserts that recent efforts have significantly improved the functioning of the Island Council’s organization, despite criticism directed at the council’s actions and interim Island Registrar Arjen de Wolff. 

Coffie made her comments during an interview with Bubui Cecilia on BONFM. Coffie also said that the a swift appointment of an interim Island Register was necessary, after the previous one had abruptly resigned, leaving longstanding organizational issues behind. 

Coffie underscored the broad involvement of the entire Council and its factions in the decision-making process, noting that weeks of discussions led to widely supported changes. 


Additionally, Coffie highlighted that all regulations submitted for approval to Kingdom Representative Jan Helmond were approved by the end of 2023, suggesting that negative portrayals of certain matters may stem from partisan political motives rather than reflecting the substantial progress made to enhance the council’s functioning and operational conditions.

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