Daisy Coffie: Population Bonaire is growing too fast

 According to Daisy Coffie, the population is growing too fast and this should be slowed down a bit

KRALENDIJK- According to M21 faction leader, Daisy Coffie, it is clear that Bonaire is currently growing too fast.

That is what the leader of the pink party said in the election debate of Mega Hit FM and the program Op de Klippen, in response to the question whether the population, with almost 5,000 new homes in the planning, is not likely to grow too quickly.

“Everything is under pressure right now. The roads and the schools suffer from the rapid growth of the population. In the opinion of M21, it should be a bit slower,” says Coffie. According to Coffie, another problem is that the residents who were there before the rapid growth do not benefit enough. That should also be looked at”, said Coffie.

Coffie received a round of applause from those present at the debate after her answer; and indication that many on the island agree with her. Most other parties agreed with the statement that Bonaire has been growing to fast over the past years. 

Lower income housing

MPB leader Hennyson Thielman agreed with the statement that Bonaire has grown too quickly in recent years. According to Thielman, there is also a skewed growth. “Although a lot has been built, more has been added mainly in the higher segment”. According to Thielman, it is important that homes are now added in the middle and lower segment.

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