Daisy Coffie supports MPB Commissioners in conflict about Sunset Beach Resort permit

Council lady Daisy Coffie was not shy with her observations during Tuesday’s Island Council Meeting

KRALENDIJK- Independent council lady Daisy Coffie supports the two MPB Commissioners when it comes to the open conflict within the Executive Council of the Public Entity Bonaire, when it comes to the building permit for the Sunset Beach Resort.

Coffie denounced the apparent lack of unity of Government. “It is crystal clear that the three commissioners are not on one line when it comes to this,” said Coffie, who then wondered why the Island Governor Rijna so far had not made an effort to promote unity of Government, even though he has the instruments to do so.

“We need to stop making exceptions on this island to everything, when it is convenient”, who also referred to an earlier situation at the Chogogo Resort. “If we create a new precedent here, we might as well approve all pending permits, even if they do not meet the requirements”, said Coffie.

Coffie also indicated that she is definitely for development and also for economic progress of the island. “But in a balanced way, which does not affect the authenticity of our island. High-rise hotels, like the ones you see in Miami, do not fit our island at all.”


Coffie also explicitly stated that in this specific case supports the policy of both Commissioner Nina den Heyer and Hennyson Thielman, who have opposed the granting of a permit requested by Sunset Beach. “I have said before that in general I support Commissioner Den Heyer in this Executive Council, but in this specific case, my support also extends to Deputy Thielman.”

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