Daisy Coffie’s M21 wants to talk less and do more for Bonaire

The movement calls on residents who want to contribute to the future of the island, to contact the organization. Photo: M21

KRALENDIJK- The political movement M21, started by independent councillor Daisy Coffie calls on citizens on the island who want to contribute to further development to do their part.

“Today, M21 would like to officially announce that our organization wants to give everyone who wants to contribute to a better future for Bonaire, the opportunity to do so. Do not underestimate what you can do, no matter how small your contribution is, it is a contribution with which we can improve everything that is not going well here on Bonaire”, according to the movement.

M21 is an innovative, dynamic, democratic, partisipative, inclusive, social-liberal organization, with a focus on young people, committed to and engaged with Bonaire. “M21 is convinced that if we continue to do the same, vote in the same way, deal with politics in the same way we have done so far, we will continue to achieve the same results.

Do more

M21 announces that the movement will place advertisements on social media, in which it calls on interested parties to join the movement.

“Now is the time to do things differently, in an innovative way. Together we are strong, together the work becomes easier, together we are successful. The moment is now; talk less, do more!”, according to the movement.

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