Delfins Swimming Club earns 23 medals during Swimming Tournament Curaçao

KRALENDIJK- From May 27 to May 29 there was the famous Hesley Heerenveen swimming tournament on Curaçao. A large group of swimmers from Delfins Swimming Club Bonaire took part in the tour.

After intensive training in the sea at Waf di Piskadó and technical training in the pool, everyone was in top condition for a good swim. With no less than 23 medals, 23 pennants and two highest point trophies, Delfins Swimming Club Bonaire has returned to Bonaire.

The score is :

• Chenice Bergman Oosterlee 4x gold, 2x silver, 1x bronze

• Tyzick Pourier 2x Gold, 2x Silver, 2x Bronze, 2nd Highest point trophy

• Faricha Bergman Oosterlee 3x silver, 3x bronze, 3rd Highest point trophy

• Vyenne Winklaar 1x silver

• Tarik Bergman Oosterlee 2x bronze

• Sujay Henriquez 1x bronze

Pennants were there for Shanique Angela, Jordan Pourier, Najenah Pourier, Tarcilion Morillo, Klayvin Espinal and Ramson Pikerie


Trainer Marylou Felida was very satisfied with the results achieved. “Almost everyone has achieved a Personal Record(s) or a good first time. I’m already looking forward to the next tournament in Aruba, the Aruba Dolphins Invitational,” said Felida.

Delfins Swimming Club Bonaire also says it is very happy with contributions from the sponsors who made the trip possible, including Public Entity Bonaire, Wega di number Bonaire, Real Dutch Bakery, FXDC Communications and Rocargo.

Delfins is also happy with the parents who have traveled with them to encourage the swimmers.

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