Delno Tromp Named Interim Manager at Tourism Corporation Bonaire

Tromp in the past already held a similar position at TCB and has a long track record in tourism on the island and abroad.

Kralendijk – The chairman of the STINAPA board, tourism expert and former commissioner Delno Tromp has been named as interim manager at the Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB).

The Bonaire Holding Maatschappij (BHM), which owns the shares in TCB, has decided to appoint Tromp as of April 1, 2019 to lead the organization in the coming 6 months.

Tromp has previously held a similar position within the TCB. As part of his current assignment, Tromp will lead the recruitment of candidates for three key functions within the organization: the Director of Tourism, the Marketing Manager and the Cruise Coordinator / Product Developer.

The TCB threatened to become a ship without direction, after the Supervisory Board of the corporation decided to send former director Maurice Adriaens home. In addition, Marketing Manager Melissa Hassel will also leave the organization in the relatively short term.

BHM says theya re confident that the appointment of Tromp guarantees continuity within TCB and will brings the needed rest in the organization. According to BHM, the decision can also carry the approval of the employees of the organization.

An interesting detail is that Tromp’s father, the late ‘Niki’ Tromp for many years led the Tourism Office of Bonaire, when this was still a government service.

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