Delta Air Lines will fly until March 2021 with Empty Center Seats

 Photo: Reismedia

According to aviation news site, Delta Air Lines will keep the middle seats on board its aircraft permanently free until March next year. This means that passengers are not unintentionally sitting next to each other and the confidence to fly must be regained.

The American airline decided soon after the outbreak of the corona pandemic to leave the center seats free. This increases the distance between passengers on board, responding to the call to engage in social distancing.

According to previous research, the chance of contamination on board aircraft is extremely small, but according to Delta, many travelers still enjoy not sitting directly next to someone unknown. “We listen to our customers and have taken this step to provide them with peace of mind to travel,” said Bill Lentsch, Chief Customer Experience Officer at Delta.

Delta says it is the only American airline that still uses the measure. In addition, the company applies the legal corona rules: mouth masks are mandatory on board, and the devices are thoroughly disinfected before each flight.

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