Democratic Party wins ‘elections’ at Liseo Boneriano

Abraham (second from left) is known as a strong debater

Kralendijk – The Partido Democratico Boneriano (PDB) has won the moch elections held last week among the students at Liseo Boneriano.

The ‘elections’ were held after a debate in which the various parties could present their views.

The party of political leader Clark Abraham won a total of 56 votes (54%) of the votes after the debate; almost twice as many as the 24 (23%) obtained by the Movementu di Pueblo Boneriano (MPB) from party leader Elvis Tjin AsjThe rest of the parties apparently did not really convince the students.

The Forsa Social Progresivo (FSP) of party leader Robby Beukenboom received a total of 10 votes, the Era Nobo led by Kevin Thodé 7 votes, the list Santana 2 votes, the UPB 2 votes and the List Suzy Thode and Un Pueblo 1 vote each.

It remains to be seen in how far the voting behavior of the students on Liseo is representative of the sentiments among the general voting public on the island, but the result achieved by PDB can nevertheless be called quite convincing.

In the run-up to the elections, the parties are becoming ever more active to gain the voters’ favors. The MPB, the PDB, the FSP and Era Nobo so far are most visible and quite active.

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