Dia di Rincon bigger, more beautiful and busier than ever

Photo's Monalisa Domacassé

KRALENDIJK – The celebration of the Dia di Rincon this year not only seemed bigger and more beautiful than before, but also more crowded than ever before.

The village had been busy since the morning hours, during the official part of the celebration. The crowds only swelled during the day. In the late afternoon hours, between four and five o’clock, it was so busy that the cars were stuck in traffic almost all the way from Playa to Rincon. In the absence of adequate parking in Rincon, visitors had to park at the old police guard and walk to downtown Rincon.

The participants in the folkloric parade couldn’t seem to get enough of it and the various bands, with their dancing groups behind them, moved through the streets again and again.

After more than two years of interruption due to the Corona pandemic, all signals seemed to be green this year, also for a relatively large number of visitors. The flights of both Divi Divi and EZ Air had been sold out for several weeks. The fact that there is a long weekend because Labor Day falls on Monday also contributes positively to the attractiveness for visitors of Curaçao and Aruba in particular

More luxurious

What was also striking is that it seems that more and more work is being spent on decorating the various stalls where food or other goods are offered for sale. This often produces beautiful images. This is also true for the folkloric groups, who keep raising the bar when it comes to their attire.

The Simandan after Honor di Doei and Chana is scheduled for Monday, which will be held in Playa. The simadan leaves around 4 am from the parking lot at Van der Tweel Supermarket.

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