Diaspora Dialogues: Empowering the Caribbean Community in the Netherlands

AMSTERDAM – On October 10th, the WeConnect Foundation and Pakhuis de Zwijger are organizing the networking event ‘Diaspora Dialogues’ in Amsterdam, with the aim of giving a voice to members of the Caribbean diaspora in the Netherlands.

During the event, questions such as who they are, their experiences as students or professionals in the Netherlands, how they perceive their connection to their birthplace, and how they remain involved with their communities on the islands despite the distance will be addressed. 

The inspiration for this dialogue comes directly from the Caribbean community itself, where engaged young people in the Netherlands want to contribute to their community. The dialogue, called ‘Bou di Watapana!’ or ‘Under the Watapana Tree,’ will take place under the symbolic Watapana tree and discuss various themes. 


The event is interactive and encourages active participation from attendees, aiming to create an inclusive dialogue and share experiences to enrich and strengthen the community. Speakers from various Caribbean islands, including Aruba, Sint Maarten, Bonaire, and Curaçao, will share their personal involvement with the islands and how they contribute to their communities in various ways. The Diaspora Dialogues are intended to promote understanding and cooperation and may be continued in the future with other diaspora communities in the Netherlands.

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