Dogs that bit goats to death at SGB to be traced and euthanized 

KRALENDIJK – In the morning of Thursday the 10th of November an incident took place in which six dogs bit several goats to death on the school grounds of SGB SLP VSO. Employees of the Dutch Caribbean Police Force (KPCN) responded by going to the scene as quickly as possible.

Partly due to the large scale of the incident and the location where the incident took place, the Island Governor and KPCN decided to take immediate action. It was decided to trace the dogs and have  them put down by a veterinarian. Regarding the dogs whose owners are known, they have been informed of this decision. 

However, a big responsibility also lies with dog owners. Dog owners can be fined if they do not keep their animals on their own property. In some cases, damage caused by a dog can be recovered from the animal’s owner. KPCN would like to remind dog owners once again to keep dogs in the yard, for example by means of a proper fence or to keep the dog on a leash. It is also advisable to socialise a dog. A dog needs education and training; the owner is responsible for the dog’s behaviour and training.  

Next week, the Public Entity of Bonaire (OLB) will start the informative campaign that is part of the broad phased approach to combat the dog problem and ensure animal welfare. As part of tackling this issue on Bonaire, more active enforcement will be carried out next period against owners who let their dogs run loose without supervision. 

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