Due to high Infection Rate: Much Stricter Covid-19 Measures for Bonaire

Governor Rijna on Thursday night announced new measures during a meeting of the Covid-committe in the Island Council.

Kralendijk- Bonaire will implement much stricter anti-covid measures starting on Friday afternoon, now that the infection rate on the island is rapidly increasing.

The last 2 days saw infection rates close to 50% of people tested. While the total amount of ‘active’ infections at 55 is still not the biggest amount the island has seen so far, the rate of new infections has raised alarm.

The so-called Risk Level was raised from 3 to 5. This means that most businesses will now be closed, restaurants can only open for take out, gyms and casinos should be closed. Large gatherings are not at all allowed anymore.


In spite of the stricter measures, schools will in principle remain open. According to commissioner Den Heyer, individual schools can decide to implement stricture measures.


A full list of the measures that are in effect with risk level 5 can be seen below:

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