Dutch army personnel help again in keeping Bonaire’s mangrove population healthy

Photo: Arno Verhoeven, Sabine Engel

KRALENDIJK- Last week the 11th Airmobile Brigade did work at the Mangrove Maniacs for 3 days.

“What these guys did in 3 days would have taken us many weeks, if not months, of volunteering,” says Mangrove Maniacs on their Facebook page.

Rangers from Stinapa also helped with the activities. Together, a canal was cleared and widened to restore the water flow. This is necessary to improve the water circulation.

At Lagun, further debris was cleared, and dead trees were cleared away, as well as washed-up plastic. According to Mangrove Maniacs, the mangroves near Lagun are in a relatively bad state. “This area is very vulnerable, especially to the effects of the sargassum influx. We believe that this area can be restored, even though the working conditions here are very tough.


Mangrove Maniacs say they are very grateful to the military for their commitment and hard work.

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