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Dutch Cabinet Considers Support for Islands due to Corona Crisis

The Hague- The Dutch Cabinet announced this afternoon a large package of measures regarding the maintenance of economic activity and associated jobs.

The vast package of measures is announced in a 17-page letter.

In their letter to the House of Representatives about the measures, the Cabinet says that it also has an ‘eye for the consequences for the Caribbean Netherlands’.

“The cabinet is also closely monitoring the consequences of the Corona virus for the inhabitants of the Caribbean Netherlands and is considering options for support measures, in line with the efforts in the European Netherlands,” said the ministers Hoekstra (Finance), Wiebes (Economic Affairs). ) and Koolmees (SZW). State secretaries Keijzer (Economic Affairs) and Vijlbrief (Tax and Tax Authorities) also participated.

The cabinet also says the effects of Coronavirus on the countries within the kingdom, which refers to Aruba, Curaçao and Sint Maarten.

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