Dutch Journalist Gives St. Eustatius Honor it Deserves

Amsterdam- According to news site www.koninkrijksrelaties.nu, St. Eustatius is probably the least known island among the Dutch Caribbean islands. The site suspects that this may however change, thanks to a new book written by Dutch journalist Willem de Bruin.

The Bruin wrote the book ‘De Gouden Rots’ (The Gold Rock), with subtitle ‘How World History was written on St. Eustatius’.

“It is hard to imagine that this was the most important habor in the Caribbean, where everything the world produced, could be bought. It gave the island the name of Golden Rock”, according to the introduction on the book’s cover.

The book writes about the crucial role St. Eustatius played in the war of the American States to become an independent country. The book also writes about the first salute that was given to an American vessel, which was considered by the Americans as the first recognition of their country’s independence.

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