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Dutch Marines Thwart Drugs Shipment

The Dutch Marine ship has sunk off both the drugs shipment as well as the go-fast used for the transportation of the drugs.

Willemstad- The Dutch station ship Zr. Ms. Zeeland found a vessel on open sea today that was dragging a so called go-fast.

After approaching the NH-90 helicopter from the station ship, the go-fast, which had vessels on board, was thrown loose. Packages were thrown overboard from the barge sailing under the Venezuelan flag.

The packages had boulders attached to them, so that they sunk to the bottom as soon as these were cut loose.

The crew of Zr. Ms. Zeeland did not have permission to board to vessle, so that it was allowed continue on its route.

Inspection of the loosened go-fast did nothing yield any additional suspected pakages. The go-fast was sunk off by the Marines to avoid any danger to local ships.

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