Dutch Parliamentarians Want Support for Bonaire in Sargassum Crisis

lagun sargassum
Bonaire is being confronted with more and more sever sargassum episodes.
Kralendijk/The Hague- STINAPA director Arjen de Wolff, this week went to The Hague to convince MPs, senators and various ministries of the importance of good nature management for the economy, culture and history of the island. 

According to De Wollf, with fast and concrete action in the field of environment, spatial planning, nature and climate on Bonaire, big succeses can be achieved in the short term, against relative low costs. 
 Bonaire depends on its nature. According to De Wolff,  targeted action is needed to address threats to the environment, when it comes to climate change and spatial planning, among others. Nature restoration, such as reforestation, is also important for the island. 
A meeting was also held yesterday, Thursday, June 13, in the Dutch Parliament to speak about the challenges to Bonaire’s nature. The members of the House queried the state secretaries of the Interior & Kingdom Relations, SZW and Economic Affairs & Climate  on a wide range of topics, including the challenges to Bonaire’s unique, but also fragile nature. 
Especially the ongoing sargassum crisis was the subject of debate among the parliamentarians. Antje Diertens from the Dutch D66 party, supported by other political groups, called on Dutch Government to quickly provide STINAPA with the necessary resources to deal with sargassum crises which has an impact on coral, nature in general, public health and ultimately also employment on the island.  
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