Dutch Reformed Church project turned over to Public Entity

Photo: Esmond Hook, Ulrich Redan, Marcolino Franco, Jefro Redan and Rurick Redan at
top of the Dutch Reformed Church built in 1755.

Oranjestad, St. Eustatius – On Friday August 16th the project to restore the historic Dutch Reformed Church Tower and the lighting on the grounds was turned over by Raincoat Constructio the Public Entity St. Eustatius marking the completion of the work. Project Manager, Austin van Heijningen of the Directorate of Economy & Infrastructure and Esmond Hook, Building Inspector of Wederopbouw St. Eustatius along with Ulrick Redan of Raincoat Construction signed the document confirming the project is now completed.

The restoration of the Dutch Reformed Church Tower included mainly the restoration of the wooden shutters, doors and staircase as well as the roof of the three story building located on the Kerk weg. An iron rail was placed on top of the tower wall for extra security for those who will once again visit this historical site. The contractor has decades of experience working in the construction sector and in particular with woodwork. TT Electrical, owned by Jefro Redan another local contractor, was sub-constructed to carry out the electrical work on the entire building as well as on the grounds surrounding the monument. “Let us as residents of St. Eustatius take good care of this historical site and its facilities so that future generations of Statians can also enjoy this rich history and proud heritage”, says Government Commissioner, Marcolino Franco.

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