E-Toko congratulates ‘Ayaka di Oro’ winner

AMSTERDAM- The winner of the Antillean culinary competition ‘buskando e ayaka di oro’ 2022 is Crystal Haseth. 

During the well-attended first edition of the Antillean Christmas market, this ayaka maker was awarded the title of best ayaka maker in the Netherlands and Belgium.

By winning this gastronomic competition, De Haset’s ayaka is officially the best ayaka of the Netherlands and Belgium. An ayaka is a delicacy eaten around Christmas time on the ABC-Islands.

E-Toko, the main sponsor of the event, also provided the reward. E-Toko’s director Jason Steba and head of marketing Gabriel Schobbe presented the prize to the winner. The prize consisted of a winner’s certificate, a cash prize of € 250 and the opportunity to sell ayakas via E-Toko’s online store.

The ayakas were judged on: shape, consistency, sauce, taste and the filling. Participants were judged on stage by a jury panel consisting of three chefs: Jurino Ignacio, Dayèhne Nowels and Tyron Vrutaal. Crystal from “ayaka di oma” won the Antillean culinary contest and the title “Ayaka di Oro”. Freely translated: Golden ayaka.


“We conceived and organized this event with the idea of giving ayaka makers a platform to connect with ayaka lovers and to settle the discussion at the office about who has the tastiest ayaka,” says Jason Steba, director of E-Toko. Next year “Buskando e ayaka di oro” will take place again.

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