Echo Bonaire provides update on Parrots saved from Poachers

Kralendijk – In August, ECHO received two scared, one-month-old chicks who had been confiscated from poachers by the local authorities. They had been found on a vessel destined for a neighbouring island, most likely to be sold as pets. These endangered parrot chicks had been poached from the wild and were still completely dependent on their mothers.

Once in the safe hands of the Echo staff, the chicks received a full health screening, warm blankets and a full crop of food. Unfortunately, due to their poor treatment, one of the chicks had lost a toe. Luckily, no other serious injuries were found. The team are confident that the toeless chick will still be able to have a happy and healthy life in the wild.

Over the past three months, the chicks have made an incredible recovery from their traumatic ordeal. They are now flying and foraging for food, vital skills needed in the wild.

It isn’t easy for orphaned chicks to learn how to be a parrot, many necessary skills are learnt from watching their parents, a luxury they do not have. Echo has ten years of experience in rehabilitating parrots, although it can never replace the love and care of a mother, they hope that all our experience and efforts will mean these beautiful yellow-shouldered amazon parrots will be successfully released in the near future. 

As for the poachers who took these precious chicks from the wild, the local authorizes are still investigating the case. Until the final jurisdiction by the judge is obtained the chicks will remain in the safe haven of the Dos Pos conservation centre. Echo cannot wait to see these beautiful birds fly free amongst the Bonaire forest.

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