ECHO Bonaire ’taking roots & spreading wings’ campaign

Kralendijk – Many of you may know, but ECHO is a non-profit charity therefore they rely heavily on donations and tourism to operate. These uncertain times have meant, at times, they have been worried at how they could continue to operate without being able to run the tours.

However, they have been so lucky to have the support of locals and internationals alike. This summer they ran “taking roots & spreading wings” campaign and were blown away by the generosity of their supporters. 

Your gifts have ensured Echo could continue to:

  • Care for over 14,000 native trees in the nursery
  • Provide food, shelter and care for 38 captive birds
  • Maintain and care for 11 exclusion zones
  • Take in more confiscated parrots that had nowhere else to go
  • Educate school children on the importance of nature

Again, ECHO thanks you for allowing Echo to help parrots and people on Bonaire.

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