Education and Outreach at ReforeStatia Nursery

Oranjestad, St. Eustatius – Kids Summer Club traveled to the ReforeStatia Nursery on August 4th where 11 children got busy on the site. One of their activities was the creation of ‘seed bombs’. The children brought various seeds from home that they then mixed into the mud. Mud balls were created and left to dry for a week, then given to the children to water until seedlings emerged. These will be added to the seed bombs that will be planted throughout the cliff beneath Fort Oranje. They will be proud to say they had a hand in beautifying the cliff. The roots from the plants that grow will also do their part stabilizing the cliff as they grow.

They also planted various fruit trees in the food forest at the back of the nursery. Two teams competed to see who could determine the best locations for their chosen trees in the food forest plot after considering factors such as height and width when fully grown, variation in species, distribution pattern among other things.

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