Education Minister Paul Emphasizes Commitment to Educational Excellence on Saba: 

Minister Paul paid a visit to both Sacred Heart and SCS during her visit to Saba. Photo: OLS

THE BOTTOM – During her visit to Saba, Education Minister Marielle Paul’s has signed a renewed Covenant of Educational Buildings on Saba was signed. The Covenant underscores the commitment of both Minister Paul and Commissioner Eviton Heyliger to the continual improvement of school infrastructure, ensuring conducive learning environments for all students.

During her visit, Minister Paul toured the Sacred Heart School and the Saba Comprehensive School, where she had the opportunity to interface with principals Ildefon Verberne and Jessica Besselink, as well as numerous dedicated educators. 

The minister during her visit to the schools engaged in conversations regarding the challenges confronting the schools. 


Minister Paul has reaffirmed the steady commitment of the Ministry of Education, in collaboration with the Public Entity and school boards, to uphold the standard of education in Saba, ensuring that every child receives the highest quality education attainable.

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