Elvin Henriquez to lead UPC into Upcoming Election

Elvin Henriquez is the temporary leader of the UPC

Oranjestad, St. Eustatius- Elvin Henriquez will be leading the UPC into the upcoming elections.

In a short statement issues on July 16th, 2020 former party leader Reginald Zaandam said that Statia was at a crossroad and that in October the island would embark on a road of a new dawn. According to Zaandam, the situation was calling for a younger generation with ideas and visions which would ‘better resonate with the younger generation’.

Zaandam also said that he would pass on pass on the leadership of the party to a new (temporary) leader in the person of Elvin Henriquez.


Henriquez this evening confirmed that the party would be participating in the election slated for October 21, 2020. Henriquez could or would not yet confirm who would be on the party list.

“We are at the moment talking to various potential candidates, but I can’t reveal their names as of yet”, said Henriquez.

Zaandam in the meantime called on followers of the UPC to support Henriquez in his new role and thanked the voters who had places their trust in him over the years. “I also thank everybody who have trusted me with their support and their votes in the past. I call on you to do the same with comrade Henriquez”, according to Zaandam.

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