EOZ Bonaire will provide facilities for children with special educational needs

KRALENDIJK- The Expertise Center Education Care Bonaire (EOZ), after what it describes as a period of careful preparation, will offer specialist facilities in primary education on Bonaire.

As early as September 7, the organization will start with a government-funded facility for students with specific educational needs. This means that parents themselves do not have to make a financial contribution.

The aim of the facility is to offer tailor-made education to pupils who, for whatever reason, are unable to develop sufficiently in regular education. These facilities are intended for pupils aged 4 to 14 with serious learning or behavioral problems, or a mental illness.

According to EOZ, this specifically concerns students who need the extra care to be independent and self-reliant in daily life. “What makes this facility special is that these children will be guided and supported by a specialized team of teachers and (educational) professionals. The students who qualify for a placement in a specialist facility for primary education will follow lessons in a smaller setting based on their specific needs,” according to the educational organization.


In order to qualify for the specialist support, there is an admission procedure that runs through the current government-funded schools where the students are already enrolled.

For pupils in the above-mentioned age category who are not yet registered at a government-funded school, an appointment must be made with EOZ. Placement on the specialist facility is done by submitting an application that is assessed by a committee.

It is not possible to place a child in the specialist facility without the intervention of EOZ Bonaire. Parents who have questions can contact EOZ Bonaire by mail ( or by telephone (717-4144).

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