Esther Littman presents her book ‘Rooted on Bonaire, a Dream Realized’ to TCB-Director Miles Mercera

Esther Littman-Oliviera together with TCB Director Miles Mercera. Photo: Miles Mercera

KRALENDIJK – Esther Littman-Oliviera, who, along with her late husband Steven Littman, established Littman Jewelers on Bonaire, has recently presented her book titled ‘Rooted on Bonaire, a Dream Realized’ to TCB-director Miles Mercera. 

In her book “Rooted on Bonaire, a Dream Realized,” Littman-Oliviera narrates their journey of moving to Bonaire, the life she built there with her husband and children, and the profound connection to the island.

“What truly warmed my heart is the way she shares her love story and honors the legacy of Steven Littman. Their bond is truly a testament to the power of love and commitment”, says Mercera about the book. “I highly recommend diving into ‘Rooted on Bonaire: A Dream Realized’ if you want to be uplifted and reminded of the beauty life has to offer!”

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