EXCO Bonaire Wants Progress With Strategic Tourism Plan

Kralendijk – The Executive Council formed by MPB and UPB wants to speed up the implementation of the Strategic Tourism Plan (STP).

“Tourism is one of our main economic pillars and can make a significant contribution to the prosperity and well-being of the people of Bonaire,” says Commissioner Elvis Tjin Asjoe.

The Strategic Tourism Plan was developed by the University of Central Florida (UCF) on behalf of the Tourist Corporation Bonaire (TCB). “The plan contains a clear vision of the future for tourism and the sustainable economic development of Bonaire. It was embraced by everyone, but unfortunately the necessary cooperation between the stakeholders and the Executive Council never happened”.

According to Tjin Asjoe, fortunately, the private sector has not waited and the Chamber of Commerce, TCB, STINAPA and BONHATA formed a steering group for the Blue Destination concept in May 2018.

Commissioner Tjin Asjoe believes that due to the great socioeconomic importance of tourism for the island, the government should not continue to watch from the sideline. “We have therefore decided that the Executive Council will take control of the STP and play an active role in working with stakeholders to come to an implementation plan, including the Blue Destination concept. We have asked the Island Council to formalize the Strategic Tourism Plan so that we can work on implementation together with the sector”.

In order for the members of the Island Council to get intimately familiar with the details of the plan, the Exco has invited the researchers from the University of Central Florida to give a presentation in mid-June.

Tjin Asjoe emphasized that it is not the intention for the government to assume the role of the private sector. “Everyone has their own responsibility. Our job is to create the conditions and to stimulate and facilitate initiatives that contribute to the optimal functioning of our tourism as a source of prosperity and well-being”, said Tjin Asjoe.

Entrepreneurship Summit

Tjin Asjoe believes that the fact that Bonaire was invited by the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES 2019) to be held this week in The Hague, is evidence of the appeal of the concept.

“Two thousand entrepreneurs / investors from all parts of the world participate in the world. I have been asked to present the Blue Destination concept. A wonderful opportunity to tell what a special island Bonaire is about”, said Tjin Asjoe.

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