Executive Council denies impending prohibition of certain water sports on Bonaire

Commissioner Abraham takes responsibility for potentially confusing signals, which may have come out of the broader Government Organization. 

KRALENDIJK – The Executive Council of the Public Entity Bonaire aims to reduce misunderstandings in its communication with the island’s nature parks manager, STINAPA when it comes to policies outlined or supported by the Executive Council. 

This was stated by Commissioner Clark Abraham (PDB) during the weekly press conference ‘Bon Informá’ last Friday. Abraham specifically denied that the Executive Council intends to prohibit specific water sports -specifically Kite Surfing and Foiling’, but at the same time recognized the importance of establishing clear agreements. 

“This Executive Council is proponent of sitting down with all users of the Marine Park and to come to good agreements on which areas can be used for what”, said Abraham. 

The Commissioner took responsibility for certain information which came out of the Government’s organization, which could have potentially caused confusion at STINAPA, regarding the Executive Council’s commitment to nature protection on the island and the policies pursued by the Council. 

“This Executive Council strongly believes in utilizing our natural resources, but in a responsible way, where no damage it cause to nature”

Hard work

Abraham also acknowledged STINAPA’s hard work for the benefit of the island’s residents. “We need to come together and reach agreements through deliberations. We feel conflicts about this are not necessary”. 

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