Executive Council Holds Weekly Meeting in Nort’i Saliña

Kralendijk – The Executive Council of Bonaire this week held their weekly meeting in “Kunuku Bieu” (Nort’i Saliña). The Executive Council met in the “Centro Orkidia Profesor Alejandro Saleh” in Nort’i Saliña. This center was opened in 1989 with the aim of offering entertainment and activities to people over 60 years of age, from Nort’i Saliña and the surrounding area.

After the meeting, the Exco took some time to take a first-hand look at the work taking place on the Kaya Oneida towards the Broad School Papa Cornes. The Exco also visited the building where the Broad School Papa Cornes used to be located. This old school building is now being renovated.

At the start of this year, the Executive Council decided to meet alternately in the neighborhoods once a month. The first ‘meeting in the neighborhood’ took place in January 2020 at the Cocari multifunctional center in Rincon.

The schedule is also to hold BC meetings in Antriol, Nikiboko, Playa and Tera Kòrá over the next months. The next Exco meeting will take place in the Antriol neighborhood.

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