Executive Council sends sensitive reports to the Island Council for disclosure

KRALENDIJK- The Executive Council of the Public Entity Bonaire (OLB) is once again sending three confidential reports to the Island Council.

Initially, the reports on Bonaire Laboratorium NV, the Sunset Beach Resort Development Agreement and the Report on the Rotonde investigation in Kaya Amsterdam were labelled as ‘confidential’, which meant that they could not be viewed by anyone – except by the Island Council.

After strong criticism of the actions of the coalition of MPB and UPB in the island council, the Executive Council seems to have made a U-turn and now wants the reports to be made public after all. “The reasons for that confidentiality were the fact that the reports contained names of individuals and business-sensitive information which must be protected by law. The privacy-sensitive information has now been anonymised. This allows the Executive Council to share the documents, so that their content can be discussed in the Island Council,” said a BC press statement on Sunday.


In its press release, the Executive Council also states that it stands for ’transparent governance’ and states to be always willing to share both the administrative philosophy and decisions taken with the public. “However, the government must comply with applicable regulations and has a duty to ensure that the rights and privacy of others are not violated”, according to Sunday’s statement.

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