EZ Air abandons incorporation of Saab 2000 and studies alternatives

Saab 2000 with registration number N25UE, shown here in the colours of EZ Air, will now be deployed at an existing operator of the aircraft type. Photo: EZ Air

KRALENDIJK/WILLEMSTAD – Regional airline EZ Air has decided to no longer incorporate two Saab 2000 aircraft, initially planned to be deployed in the first quarter of 2023. 

The Saab 2000 is a slightly larger variant of the Saab 340 planes the airline currently operates. Initially, the use of the larger aircraft seemed interesting, but the airline also encountered some challenges. 

“The availability of pilots with experience on this type of aircraft is very limited. This would have made the training of our own pilots on the new type a challenging and costly matter,” said EZ Air Director René Winkel. 

Winkel said it was clear from the outset that there were few operational aircraft of the type, but the advantages seemed to outweigh the disadvantages. However, in practice, this turned out to be different. 

Although the airline has already made significant investments in the new aircraft type, EZ Air has now decided not to incorporate the planes. “Existing operators of the aircraft are eager to acquire additional Saab 2000s. These airlines do not face the challenges that EZ Air as new operator would,  and were keen to take over the aircraft intended for EZ Air,” Winkel explained. 


Now that the use of the Saab 2000 is off the table, the airline is studying several alternatives. “We see a healthy growth in our passenger numbers, and we also have the ambition to fly further in the region. We are currently looking for an aircraft that fits our needs and ambitions”, said Winkel.

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