EZ Air is preparing for the arrival of Saab 2000 aircraft

Ground school for the new aircraft started earlier this week. Photo: EZ Air

WILLEMSTAD/KRALENDIJK- Airline company EZ Air started training for employees of the technical department this week, to prepare them for the arrival of the larger Saab 2000 aircraft.

The course is taught by Saab in Sweden. The aircraft, which is currently still in Sweden, will soon be ferried to Springfield in the United States, where the delivery to EZ is being prepared.

The Saab 2000, with 50 seats, will be added to the existing fleet of the smaller Saab 340B+ aircraft, which can carry 34 passengers. The commissioning will allow EZ Air to carry more passengers per flight. The Company is currently seeing a growing demand, now that the COVID-19 Pandemic seems to be finally over.

Faster and more economical

“But that’s not the only reason to start using these planes,” says CEO of EZ Air, René Winkel. “Although the Saab 2000 is also a propeller aircraft, the engines are so powerful that it has the performance of a jet aircraft. This allows us to fly faster and higher, which is also beneficial for fuel consumption.”

The first Saab 2000, now being prepared for delivery to EZ Air later this year. Photo: EZ Air

Due to the necessary preparations, including staff training, it is expected to take until the end of the year or early 2023, before EZ Air can actually deploy the larger aircraft.

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