EZ Air Resumes Flights to Colombia

Photo: Barranquilla airport was busy early on Friday with passengers checking in for the first direct flight to Curaçao

Kralendijk- Local airline EZ Air has resumed flights to Barranquilla in Colombia on Friday. The first flight took off this morning at 9.15 AM from Curaçao International Airport to land at the Ernesto Cortissoz airport in the Port city of Barranquilla by 11 AM.

EZ Air had only been flying to Barranquilla for a few months, when the Covid-19 pandemic broke out. As a result, EZ Air was also forced to interrupt flight operations. Flights between Colombia and Curaçao were prohibited for more than 9 months.

Now that flights are possible again, with all the precautions that go with them, EZ Air has resumed flight operations. Bonaire and Aruba can also be reached via Curacao with EZ Air.

High hopes

The CEO of EZ Air, René Winkel, has high hopes for the route. “We saw a steady increase in the number of passengers on both sides during the first few months of operation”. According to Winkel, a relatively large number of Colombians who live in Curaçao come from Barranquilla and the surrounding areas. “Our passengers also like that we are the only one to fly direct. Instead of a long journey with a transfer in Bogotá, the passengers are as before noon in Barranquilla”, Winkel explained


The flight between Curaçao and Barranquilla takes a good 1 hour and 45 minutes. For the time being, EZ Air operates the flights twice a week, namely on Fridays and Mondays.

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