Falki Aviation holds aviation seminar

Falki Aviation holds aviation seminar
On both islands there was quite some interest for the seminar. Photo: Falki Aviation

KRALENDIJK/WILLEMSTAD- Flight School Falki Avation looks back on two successful sessions of its own aviation seminar. On Friday the seminar was held on Curaçao, followed on Saturday by a meeting on Bonaire.

The seminar was intended for all people who are interested in aviation, but especially aimed at those who are interested in flying themselves, or being a pilot with an airline in the future.


Brad Boersma of the Ocala Aviation Flight School in Florida spoke about training to be allowed to fly commercially. Falki Aviation has already inspired many local young people to pursue a career in aviation as well. Several pilots of local airlines EZ Air and Divi Divi once started flying lessons at Falki Aviation on Bonaire or Curaçao.

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