Farmers can borrow cheaper thanks to collaboration between Bonaire Government and Qredits

KRALENDIJK – Thanks to a collaboration between the Public Entity Bonaire (PEB) and the financing organization Qredits, local farmers can now borrow cheaper.

The loan that is obtained can amount to one hundred thousand dollars at a very low interest rate of 2 percent. The loans must be repaid within a maximum of 5 years. There are more initiatives to stimulate the work of farmers. For example, the establishment of an Agri Business Academy is being considered.

According to Hennyson Thielman, deputy of finance, economy and tourism, it is important to continue to stimulate agriculture in the context of the island, because this makes the island less dependent on imports from abroad.


“Local farmers often need financial support,” says Thielman. “Extra money to make the company stronger, to buy or invest in new machines. Now that the OLB makes these cheaper loans possible, a dream is becoming reality for many local farmers”. Before entering into the partnership, interest rates of up to 10% were not uncommon in the sector.

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